Imran is a very experienced and professional instructor. He teaches all important details about the driving test. He is a great instructor to learn driving from and to get prepared for the driving test.

David Semoil

I have had only my first driving lesson with Mr Imran, and already I feel really comfortable and have learnt so much from him. He is very patient and did not shout although I made quite a few mistakes as it was my first time driving. He is an amazing instructor and I cannot wait to continue learning from him.

Sofia Muhammad

Today was my first automatic driving lesson and it went better than I could ever imagine. I felt very comfortable and relaxed, I feel like I will gain confidence and be a great driver in no time.  I can’t wait for my next lesson 🙂

Kenzo O

I have been taking lessons with Imran for a while and he is great instructor, professional and patient. I would highly recommend QMH driving school.

Abdul Rasheed

Very good teaching practices from Imran! I’m extremely happy that I chose QMH Driving school and I would recommend this company to anyone and everyone, passed my test this morning and all credit goes to Imran, stayed patient throughout… even when I scratched his rim on a curb on the very first lesson ?.

Marcus Taylor

Thank you very much for your guidance Imran. I would highly recommend you to anyone looking to pass their practical. Whether they have had previous experience driving in another country like me, or not. You are very patient, positive, and encouraging and all of this is reflected in your teaching style and the relaxed environment you create in your lessons. The information and tips you have shared with me are invaluable and have greatly improved my knowledge and skills!

Moe Shibib

Great driving lessons. Throughout all my lessons my instructor Imran made sure I was comfortable and calm especially at times I panicked, he was very patient. And he teaches in detail, always asking me if I have any qs and makes sure I understand. Would really recommend as my confidence in driving has really gone up. Thank you.

Nuwaira Chughtai

Good quality instructors especially Masood

Hakeem Hakeem

Imran is a very helpful instructor!

Ben Lockhart

Thanks Imran as working in professional manner, receive all the best

Bi Bo