UK Familiarisation Driving Course

UK Familiarisation Driver Training is a hands-on course covering everything a trainee driver for business on UK roads requires. We’ll handle various traffic circumstances on multiple road types and cope with places that often cause accidents when driving the car. Furthermore, your driver trainer will help you enhance your defensive driving abilities, manoeuvrability, and economical driving strategies.

Are you a new driver who has just moved to the UK? In such a situation, we acknowledge that you are entirely unfamiliar with the UK’s roadmap. As a result, we provide a UK Familiarisation Driving Course for drivers who are new to the UK. We have trainers located around the UK who can deliver a half-day or full-day course for drivers of all ages and backgrounds

We can schedule a course from any location inside London. So, for example, with five days’ notice, we can generally alter a UK familiarisation driving course with instruction that may begin at your workplace or any other location you want. If necessary, we may also train drivers on Weekends. Don’t hesitate to contact us or get a quotation to schedule your training for further information.

What's included in UK Familiarisation Lessons:

  • How to drive safely on a variety of UK roads

  • Overview and introduction to highway driving

  • Driving norms and manners in the United Kingdom

  • Common issues that novice drivers in the UK confront

  • How to handle roundabouts and traffic signals on the road

  • The rules and regulations that you must be aware of as a motorist in the United Kingdom

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Our driving instructors can speak your native language. We can communicate in English, Hindi, Pashto, Punjabi, Bengali, and Urdu. No other driving school in the area can compete with QMH Driving School’s quality of service.

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