Refresher Driving Course

Refresher Driving Lessons are perfect for people who have already passed their test but want further driving instruction. Our Refresher Driving Course is suitable if you’re going to boost your confidence or haven’t driven in a while. Our classes are personalised to your specific requirements. Of course, you’ll already know how to drive, so we’ll concentrate on areas that need improvement.

We can tailor Refresher lessons to your specific needs, whether you want to broaden your knowledge or you’re simply a little rusty. So, we can assist if you’re enhancing your nighttime, all-weather, urban, or country driving. Many people can benefit from our Refresher Driving Courses, which can help them restore their confidence on the road. Each course is unique and designed to meet your specific needs.

According to a recent poll, one out of every ten UK motorists has not driven in the last 12 months, underscoring the necessity for Refresher Driving Lessons to become the norm. So, whether you haven’t driven since university or have relocated to a major city with good public transportation, we’ll help you get back on the road.

What's included in Refresher Driving Lessons:

  • How to safely perform manoeuvres

  • How to deal with and resolve road rage

  • Develop a complete understanding of the rules of the road and various road signs

  • How to deal with and confidently approach busy roundabouts, with multiple exits and lanes

  • How you can adjust your driving quickly and safely on a range of roads, including rural roads

  • How to develop a driving plan, which spots to concentrate on predicting actions of other road users

  • Restoring your ability and trust in dealing with today's heavy traffic on challenging roads, including motorways

  • Helping you to observe more efficiently, so you're not simply ``reacting`` to hazards but seeing them and planning

  • Help you to face your fears of motorways, driving under bridges, taking a left (or right) hand bends with added confidence

  • How to improve your car management and powers of reflection to remain safe in the rain, icy weather and other bad weather, which is common in the UK

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Our driving instructors can speak your native language. We can communicate in English, Hindi, Pashto, Punjabi, Bengali, and Urdu. No other driving school in the area can compete with QMH Driving School’s quality of service.

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