Pass Plus Driving Course

After passing your test, you can enrol in the Pass Plus Course, which is an optional driving course. The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) created it to introduce you to areas you may not have encountered throughout your driving course while also building on your existing skills and knowledge.

According to statistics, due to a lack of driving experience, new drivers are more likely to be involved in an accident in the first two years after passing their test. The Pass Plus course tries to mitigate this danger by introducing more difficult routes and circumstances to increase standards.

The Pass Plus Course comprises six courses; however, there is no test. Instead, you must meet specific criteria for each module for your driving instructor to sign, date, and send the training report to the DVSA, who will subsequently grant you a certificate.

What's included in Pass Plus Driving Lessons:

  • Increase confidence behind the wheel

  • Night driving training through pass plus included

  • Rural driving, town driving and dual carriageways

  • Give you a comprehensive understanding of all areas

  • Learn to use the correct type of lights, parking, and other driving elements at the night

  • Gain experience leaving the carriageway using slip roads, overtaking and changing lanes

  • Flexible driving lesson times are available on evenings and weekends to suit your schedule

  • Lessons taught by experienced, professional and fully qualified male and female driving instructors

  • Learn more about controlling your vehicle and the stopping distances of varying weather conditions

  • Explore how to drive effectively in challenging weather, including heavy rain, snow, ice, fog and bright sunlight

  • Includes six one-hour modules to address the driving areas you may not have covered in much depth before passing your test

  • Advance your driving ability beyond your practical driving test to feel prepared to traverse roads all over the country and abroad

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