Intensive Driving Course

An intensive driving course covers the whole spectrum of learning to drive and significantly reduces the time required to finish the course by scheduling classes closer together or for a more extended period. Intensive driving lessons, sometimes known as “crash courses,” serve the same function as traditional lessons but might be more strongly focused on areas where you are less competent.

As part of your course, you will continue to get help from your instructor in learning to drive, such as theory test preparation, responding to show me tell me questions during your test, recently introduced motorway driving, and much more. However, Intensive Driving Lessons may be the best option if you need to pass your driving test quickly.

Intensive Driving Courses are tailored to your specific needs and begin with a two-hour assessment session to determine how soon you will pass. There are no guidelines for how long intensive driving training should last. The length of time it takes to be ready to take your test, like with traditional classes, is determined by your confidence and proficiency, as every trainee driver is unique. Your QMH Driving Instructor will assess your driving abilities and confidence during your first lesson to determine how long your course will likely take.

What's included in Intensive Driving Lessons:

  • Flexible Driving Lesson Schedule

  • Learn to drive as intensively as you want

  • Both male and female instructors are available

  • Begin with a two-hour assessment, and we'll tailor a package to your needs

  • Free online theory training and one-on-one instruction from your instructor

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Our driving instructors can speak your native language. We can communicate in English, Hindi, Pashto, Punjabi, Bengali, and Urdu. No other driving school in the area can compete with QMH Driving School’s quality of service.

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