Short Notice Driving Test Course

A Short Notice Driving Test course is for someone preparing for a driving test or who has failed a driving test and needs a quick retest. A Short Notice Driving Test course includes a 6-hour training and three driving sessions. This course may be completed in two, three days or a week.

A Short Notice Driving Test course is ideal for people who have previously failed a driving test but have had numerous driving lessons. The course will teach you all you need to know to pass the tests the next time. And it provides you with extra practical driving practice hours to help you develop your abilities. In addition, because the course is completed in a short period, it is ideal for drivers who want to pass their test as quickly as possible. Alternatively, this course can be squeezed in for those who need to pass by a specific date.

A one-week course may save your time in the long run because you will need fewer lessons in the long run. You have prior experience with driving lessons, so instead of booking another large block of time, which can be costly, a Short Notice Driving Test course may be all that is required to pass your test. You can ask the instructor for help in areas you need to improve or failed your test the last time.

After your course, you will first complete a 30-minute general driving assessment if you are ready to take your driving test. You will receive feedback from your instructor in this manner, which will assist you in setting your final goals. In addition, your driving instructor helps you achieve your goals and prepares you for a successful driving test. For example, if you failed the driving exam, your driving instructor would first request that you email or bring your driving test report. Second, the trainer will organise your first driving lesson depending on your driving test results.

What's included in Short Notice Test Course:

  • Three practical driving sessions

  • Get comprehensive 6-hour training

  • DVSA qualified male and female trainer

  • Dual control vehicle of your choice to use

  • Fully customised lessons tailored to your needs

  • Provides you with extra practical driving practice hours

  • Give you all knowledge you need to know to pass the tests

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